by Bryan Watkins, LRA Real Estate broker

Some structures should be appreciated for their enduring age and simple good looks

You may or may have not seen it. But, you have seen others like it. An old wooden structure, aged by 70 years of relentless sun beating down on it. This valley tower is still strong and sturdy after all they years.

Over 25 ft tall, this was part of a dust collector from the furniture manufacturing plant next door. Lathes, sanders, drill presses and saws all attacked and massaged raw wooden materials at the same time. In order to keep the dust inside the building to a minimum, large fans would collect the dust and push it through large duct piping and onto this collector to be loaded into trucks. Then it would be hauled off to a final disposition spot.

This tower lie within the light rail corridor that contains both old and new neighborhoods. Some areas are expensive and expanding, some have been enjoying the same atmosphere for decades. Some are set aside and zoned for industrial uses to keep the noise, dust and nuisance in certain areas. Others are on Central Ave in the downtown entertainment district or in the high rise area with government offices and professionals who can afford to pay the high rent.

Know of a noteworthy, interesting structure on the light rail line? Let us know and we can share it.

By the way, the structure is on a lot at 1845 E Jefferson, Phoenix.