Our Residential Team

Smart Agents, Successful Results

Karen Watkins

Residential Agent
(480) 734-7877

Karen was licensed in 2003. She has a business and administrative management background. She works as a buyer’s agent to find homes they will love, and her favorite part of the job is searching with her clients for that perfect fit. She is an excellent communicator and manages the sales process carefully and efficiently. She does the worrying for her clients, and works very hard to find exactly what they’re looking for. Karen owns investment properties and understands the value of well-purchased real estate.

  • Residential Know-How 98%
  • Passion for Helping Others 95%

Nate Wadsworth

Residential Agent
(480) 862-9555

Nate is a real estate entrepreneur. He was licensed in 2012, after a career specializing in residential investment flips. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from BYU Hawaii, and has experience in most areas of residential real estate investment. At LRA, he works in both commercial and residential markets. Nate is always looking for private lenders and other accredited investors interested in adding real estate to their investment portfolios.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit 100%
  • Residential Experience 92%

Liisa Sharp

Residential Agent
(480) 600-8358

Liisa holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from ASU. She specializes in residential real estate, and has a deep understanding of building topics and issues. She is a listing agent as well as a buyer’s agent for residential properties. Liisa’s follow-up and tenacious project management of a real estate deal have greatly benefitted her clients.

  • Expertise Across Markets 89%
  • Architectural Understanding 98%

Suzie Earles

Residential Agent, Property Manager
(602) 509-4835

Suzie has been licensed in Arizona since 2005, and was licensed in California in 1989. She has many years of experience in several different areas: nine years of real estate experience, including three years handling REO transactions; fourteen years in property management with both commercial and residential properties; and nine years of transaction coordination, also in both commercial and residential areas. She is an expert buyer and seller agent, as well as specializing in transaction coordination. She is a member of SEVRAR. Suzie enjoys assisting clients in either finding the right property or getting their homes sold. Using her administrative skills, she is also able to assist agents and owners with successful transactions.

  • Variety of Experience 97%
  • Administrative Excellence 99%

Tommy Tew

Sales and Leasing Associate
(480) 244-1900

Tommy has been in sales for 10 years. He attended BYU-Idaho studying business. During the past five years, he has bought and sold properties for investors, as well as for his own portfolio. He has been licensed since 2011 and has developed an expertise in land sales, properties along light rail, and flipping four-plexes.. Tommy excels in market research for prospective buyers and sellers. He is passionate about helping clients find the right home or property and believes wealth and financial security is acquired through owning homes and land.

  • Investment Talent 93%
  • Flipping Expertise 91%

LaDawn Starks

Residential Agent
(480) 452-9436

LaDawn has been licensed in Arizona since 2009. She has worked with investors, long-time homeowners, and first-time buyers, helping them buy and sell property in the Southeast Valley. She has completed thousands of broker price opinions, and with that experience, can successfully analyze property to find the appropriate purchase price or list price.

  • Differentiated Services 88%
  • Broker Price Opinion Skills 99%

Adam Watkins

Residential Agent
(480) 600-2163

Adam became a licensed realtor in 2009, but has experience far predating licensure, as he has been investing in real estate since 1998. Adam consistently pursues continuing education in his field, and stays up to date on the real estate market in the Phoenix metro area. He works with both buyers and sellers, specializing in rental and flip properties in the Phoenix area. Adam is passionate about finding clients the properties that perfectly suit their lifestyles and specific needs. He also loves buying and remodeling distressed properties in order to improve communities.

  • Investment Knowledge 97%
  • Property Valuation 89%