An analysis on July 1, 2018 shows that LRA Real Estate maintains the Top Spot in commercial property listings along the light rail corridor. This is based on the # of commercial listings on the Costar database.

This statistic shows the commitment of the real estate brokerage firm to the important niche in the Phoenix Metro area. “We remain committed to the growth and redevelopment in the light rail corridor’, says Bryan Watkins, the company Broker. As the economy develops and grows and redevelopment occurs, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects become more important.

“Drive down the Apache and McClintock area of light rail in Tempe and you will see a huge improvement in the character of the neighborhoods with many new MultiFamily housing projects completed or under construction”. Some recent news articles have highlighted the need of upwards of 50,000 apartment units required today to satisfy the demand for housing as local jobs increase, ASU continues to grow and California residents retire or move out due to the high cost of living.

The Phoenix Metro area has long been an alternate destination spot for residents seeking a better quality of life outside California and Washington.

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