Mar. 13, 2012 | courtesy of The Republic |

Scottsdale’s median home price of $330,100 in January was down 7 percent from a year earlier, according to the latest monthly report from the Arizona State University Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice.

The price per square foot for the homes was $164.17, down 5 percent.

Six new homes were sold in Scottsdale at a median price of $939,712, up 16 percent.

Median prices elsewhere in the Northeast Valley were:

$862,500 in Paradise Valley, down 27 percent on 30 sales.

$259,900 in Fountain Hills, down 10 percent on 45 sales.

$305,000 in Cave Creek, up 16 percent on 61 sales.

$496,000 in Carefree, down 10.6 percent on seven sales.

The median price in Maricopa County was $125,500, up 5 percent on 7,033 sales.