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Passon Behvior Health expands operations in Tempe

Passion Behavior Health is passionate about your well being

Passion Behavior Health cares!




Who is Passion Behavioral Health?

What we do
‘Passion BHC offers professional and personable counseling services. We meet you where you are, offer an understanding and compassionate therapist to assess the nature of the problem, and work with you to reach your goal whatever they may be.’

Why are we expanding?
Due to client demand, Passion required more classroom and counseling space and needed to expand their footprint in the market . The company is currently leasing space in the Apache ASL Trails building at 2428 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, Arizona. The Company leased an additional approx. 700 sf in the ASL Apache building.

Property Location
This center is located at 2428 E Apache Blvd in Tempe, Arizona.  You will find us on the main floor of the Apache ASL Trails apartment building. Notice Light Rail runs along Apache Blvd from Mesa up to North Phoenix. The area has good commercial services, freeways, bus and light rail as well as community services to help everyone.

Metro Phoenix Location
The Metro Phoenix area is among the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US. We have an estimated 5.3 million residents. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the US and is the financial, commercial cultural, entertainment and government center of  the State. It has an easy to travel freeway system and excellent lifestyle amenities. We are a pro-business State with a growing business and entrepreneurial feel. We enjoy a predictable 320+ days of sunshine each year and have mild winter temps and summer ry heat. Phoenix is the epicenter of the Southwest and is attractive to aerospace, nanotechnology, bioscience, advanced business services, high-tech and healthcare. Phoenix is home to many major sports franchises such as Arizona Diamondback baseball, Phoenix SUNS basketball, and Arizona Cardinals football and Arizona Coyotes hockey.

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