Want a new idea to save money and reduce commute stress? Consider another option favored by Millennials:
A recent survery found that Indeed.com has 275+ jobs posted along the light rail corridor in the Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa area.

So, what does that mean for you? Of course if you live in the deep Southeast Valley or the Far West Valley- this will not be an option. But it can be an attractive option if you live closer in the Metro area. A reasonable scenario: You will be working for years in the future, have a decent skill set, want to add to your 401(k) and savings and retire sooner. Living along a light rail corridor can deliver you Downtown Phoenix, Tempe or Mesa. Professional jobs and careers are just waiting for you in this economy.

By eliminating a car payment + expense, say in the $500/month range, you could instead invest instead in a professionaly manager for 20-30 years. What does that mean? Well… $500/month invested at 6% for 20 years could mean a BIG pile of cash. Want to retire early?? This is only an illustration, and everyone is unique. But, consider the math!

Courtesy of BankRate.com investment calculator


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